An online journal documenting the planning and building process of our modern home from start to finish. It is intended to share our experiences throughout this project with all those interested in modern design.

Surveying: The perfect family bonding experience

In March 2007, I took a trip home without Joe and decided to do some more surveying to pick up on details in the area. Since the November 2005 survey, the Village installed a new culvert and rock outlet, and the brush clearing revealed more terrain that wasn’t as easily accessible the first time around. Anne’s sister is also a Civil Engineer and they had fun surveying with modern equipment w/ built in GPS. My other sister, Kathy, a schoolteacher, even got in on the fun, holding tree branches out of the way so Anne and Karen could get some hard to get shots. The weather was great, so the whole family - Mom and Dad, and the cutest nephew in the world, Karen’s son (Michael), and Karen’s husband (Darrick) stopped by to hang out while the surveying went on.

The Oakwood Lake Revitalization Project is still ongoing. The plug is still “pulled,” so the lake is down. While I was home, an intense storm happened, and the lake filled up temporarily, taking her parent’s boat dock from it’s location about a ¼ mile upstream, and floating it down to the dam. My Dad and brother ended up getting it back home, eventually.

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