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Pissin off the neighbors (well, only one)

Our nearest neighbor (to the Mill property) on the North side Mr. Johnson has written a couple letters to the editor of our local County newspaper. Even after we tried to explain the situation to him, he still does not understand what is going on. The Mill actually is not in the flood plain, and we have not asked the Village to move the road, but rather just to correct a legal description of the road right-of-way which currently describes the road as being a right angle "L" intersection. The existing road is actually a curve and has been that way since it was built going past the Mill (one of the first buildings in the Village) in the late 1800's. Our property description says we own up to Mill Street (on the North side) but because the ROW is incorrect, it cuts into our property and in fact goes into the existing building. While our property is in reference to the road, his (opposite side of the road) does not mention the road and is described as rectangular. He would not be losing any property in correcting the ROW but is still stubborn anyway. See what he wrote:

His first letter to the editor:

His second letter to the editor:

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