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Presentation to the Village Board

Earlier in November, Anne was back in Merrillan to give a presentation of our (intended) project to the Village Board. Although it wasn't tied to any formal decision regarding some of the legal matters needed to be made, it was really more informational. Many people had been talking about it (small town gossip) and we really wanted to clear the air and to show everyone just what our intentions were. Anne put together a PowerPoint presentation with some history of the Mill building and then went on to show what we had in mind for the structure that would replace it and how it would be designed. Overall, it went really well - people from the Village (except one, see previous post) seemed really positive about it and she got some good feedback.
We both will be back in Wisconsin in mid-December to give another presentation to the Village Zoning Board of Appeals to who will decide on the fate of the variances that we will need to move forward. Here are the before and after mock-ups that I made for the presentation.

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