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Plan C

Really, this is Plan C of location #3...between the mill concept and the HWY 54 property, we were trying to negotiate to purchase eleven acres of land near Merrillan. I might go back and post that small chapter in the Our Modern Home book so if anyone is out there, they will get the full story.

We have had Plan C for some time now, and I thought I should share it with the world. The architect knew I wanted to be up high (I love to be on the highest floor of any hotel!) as I like to have the most awesome view any building can provide. Between that and the concept of a window view of the stars (think Luxor hotel in Las Vegas), the architect came up with a three-floor design which basically adds another floor on top of a skinnier Plan B. This concept provides an upper floor that is all private space, including a second bedroom on the top floor, which would be good if we have kids. Here are the two similar views to compare to Plan A and B:

My best friend, Angela, LOVES Plan C. Others that I have shown Plan C like it better, too. I can see where most other people wouldn't like their bedroom to be so "exposed", but Joe and I are good with it. After thinking about it for over a month, both Joe and I landed on developing Plan B as the design concept. We like the simplicity of it, and it should be cheaper as it is smaller. I'm not sure if it truly is, but Plan B also seems less complicated.

Next plan is to go home in April and set some stakes down on the ground to see where it will sit on the land. I am going armed with the sun/moon angles for the year to see if any rotation of the house would be a good idea, too. I can't wait!!!

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